Roundtable: Lessons Learned Cloud Journey featuring former AWS and Azure Global Black Belts in Networking

Spring 2021

Umair is a Senior Solutions Architect at Aviatrix in charge of the technical content of the ACE program. Prior to Aviatrix, he spent 10 years at Cisco, HPE, and Juniper Networks in customer-facing and product management roles. You can find him on LinkedIn ( and follow his musings at

James Devine is the Vice President of Product Management at Aviatrix. He started at Aviatrix as Principal Solutions Architect where he helped customers solve their cloud networking challenges. Prior to joining Aviatrix, James was a global networking expert at AWS where he worked on complex networking architectures and supported VMware Cloud on AWS and Outposts networking. He is an author of the AWS Advanced Networking Study Guide and has led many podcasts, blog posts, and sessions around AWS networking. Before joining AWS, James cemented his on-premises and cloud networking skills at MITRE supporting government customers as a Senior Infrastructure Engineer.

Brad Hedlund is a Principal Solution Architect at Aviatrix with over 20 years of experience in enterprise networking. Prior to joining Aviatrix, Brad is well-known in the networking industry as an influencer, having held senior technical roles at AWS, Cisco, and VMware with specific experience in transformational technologies such as AWS Outposts, Cisco UCS, and VMware NSX. Now at Aviatrix, Brad will be helping customers enter the era of enterprise cloud networking as a technical evangelist for the Aviatrix cloud network platform.

Bryan Ashley is a Principal Solutions Architect at Aviatrix focusing on Azure.  Prior to joining Aviatrix, Bryan was working at Microsoft as part of the Global Black Belt team for Azure Networking.

His goal is to provide architectural best practices and guidance for organizations leveraging Azure as well as provide customer insights and education around the Aviatrix platform

He has over 15 years experience in networking from SMC to Service Provider environments as well as many years as an independent consultant.  He is a frequent speaker at industry events, a contributor to many blogs, and loves the opportunity to educate and discuss cloud networking.

Travis Mitchell is a Principal Solutions Architect at Aviatrix. He joined from Oracle, where he led development of the first OCI Cloud Adoption Frameworks. He brings a deep knowledge of OCI combined with automation, database, process, and systems engineering helping customers to accelerate their journey. Prior to Oracle, Travis was a Senior Cloud Architect at Extreme Scale Solutions where he helped some of the largest US Banking institutions architect and build cloud environments to deliver DBaaS supporting the backend Financial infrastructure critical to the economy. He enjoys working with customers through their cloud transformation using Terraform and DevOps techniques to improve efficiencies delivering projects in creative ways using Agile methods.

Tomasz is Principal Solutions Architect at Aviatrix, covering the EMEA region. Apart from working closely with the European customers of Aviatrix in all of the public clouds, he is focusing on technical partnership between Oracle Cloud OCI and Aviatrix, and also on the visibility and monitoring aspects of the Aviatrix Platform. He shares his observations and interesting findings in the blog

Prior to Aviatrix, he had worked at Big Switch Networks, a startup which got eventually acquired by Arista. Back there he was most recently working with the customers in the role of EMEA SE, helping them with the DC SDN-networking and monitoring solutions.

Shahzad Ali is Vice President of Solutions Architecture at Aviatrix. He is an expert on private and public cloud networking and security and coinvented the Multicloud Network Architecture (MCNA). He is also a co-founder and content lead for the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program, the industry’s first multicloud networking certification.

Shahzad previously led the Networking and Security Solutions Architecture team at VMware, where his team played a crucial role in growing VMware’s NSX business. Before that, he spent over a decade in technical and leadership roles at Cisco Systems. Shahzad often speaks at industry conferences and hosts his YouTube channel, netJoints.

Hammad is a Principal Solutions Architect at Aviatrix specializing in multi-cloud networking and security across AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI. Prior to Aviatrix, he has been leading technical teams at VMware on NSX and Kubernetes, at Riverbed and Microsoft.

You can follow him on LinkedIn ( or on Twitter (@cloudhammad).

Saad Mirza is the Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at Aviatrix, a cloud networking firm. A brand ambassador who cocreated Multicloud Networking Architecture and Aviatrix Certified Engineer program. Prior to Aviatrix, he held networking and security roles at organizations including VMWare, Cisco, Brocade, and BT. Saad is a frequent speaker at well-known industry events and webinars and enjoys writing blogs and vlogs on innovative cloud technologies and industry trends.

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