Elastic Infrastructure; Connecting the Remote Workforce

Spring 2021

Over the winter, the Elastic Infrastructure Working Group developed the playbook for networking in the post Covid world. With Remote Workforces (RWF) staying remote and large corporations selling campus and headquarter facilities, etc., a new set of networking requirements has emerged from data center to multi-cloud connect to home office to IoT. Zero trust security, 5G, multi-cloud networking, SASE, edge computing, network services as cloud-based overlays, etc., are all coming together to deliver a more agile and elastic infrastructure. In this session, you will receive the playbook to build your own Elastic Infrastructure and see deployable demonstrations.  


I’m the Co-Founder and Co-Host of The Tech Fugitives Show. The show covers IT news with a dash of science. Mix in some humor and it becomes… “Tech Talk that doesn’t Suck!”

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