The Network Landscape: Acute Disruption

Over 95% of business executives believe that the pandemic accelerated their digital transformation.  Analysts suggest that COVID-19 accelerated the worldwide digital transformation by five to six years, making it an acute disruption in how the world does business. Daniel Lawson of Verizon agrees, indicating that networks are at the center of this shift. In this […]

Analyst View of 2021

After the year we’ve experienced, no one feels comfortable making predictions. Look what happened to all those “2020 Trends”. This session isn’t about predicting the future but about identifying how 2020 changed the tech industry. Greg Ferro, Johna Till Johnson, and Nick Lippis look at ways the pandemic has redirected how businesses view technology. Sales […]

Leadership in the Digital Era

As the world moves towards a more distributed and diverse working environment, leadership takes on a new meaning. It begins to apply to everyone because it needs to become a mindset, not just a skillset. During an ONUG Fall 2020 session, these four women discussed concepts that every leader should keep in mind: Radia Perlman, […]

Don’t Go Alone on Your Enterprise Cloud Journey; Be Safe…Go with Friends

ONUG is a community-driven organization. When ONUG was established back in 2012, its charter was to provide a forum for IT business leaders to exchange ideas, best practices and deployment challenges associated with skills/culture, process and solutions. Its early members realized that collectively as a community, they are stronger. No one company can change an […]

How to Monitor and Manage your SASE architecture

When Gartner first introduced the concept of “secure access service edge” (SASE, pronounced sassy) into the enterprise IT lexicon back in August 2019, they had estimated that “by 2024, at least 40 percent of enterprises will have explicit [SASE] strategies,” up from less than 1 percent in 2018. Flash forward to today, and not even Gartner […]

Evolving Data Center Networks from Cloud-Ready to Cloud-Native

A 2020 survey found that at least half of data center workloads will remain in enterprise data centers until at least 2022. Businesses are hesitant to move more mission-critical operations to the cloud until there is more openness, transparency, and accountability. The following participants in the Evolving Data Center Networks session of ONUG Fall 2020 […]

Enterprise Cloud: The Solution to a Post-Covid World

During ONUG Fall 2020, Nick Lippis, Co-Founder of ONUG, shared his thoughts on the post-Covid world of cloud-based technologies. His presentation focused on three points. Enterprise cloud is the solution for surviving in a digital-first world The enterprise cloud has gaps that need to be addressed A critical gap in the implementation is security Addressing […]

F5 Invests in Cloud Edge “Real Estate” with Volterra

F5 has always been a little different than other infrastructure companies. Yes, it cut its teeth on load balancing successfully, and this put F5 in-between developers and infrastructure teams. It is known in most corporations by both organizations giving them a wide view into requirements, which has served it well over the years. It started […]

C-Level Fireside Chat: The Big Pivot Is On: Digital Strategy Is Business Strategy

Prior to 2020, companies were deciding how to move forward with their digital transformation strategies. Some organizations were deciding if 2020 was the year to replace legacy systems. Others were looking at omnichannel delivery. No one was anticipating the events of 2020. At ONUG Fall 2020, companies came together virtually to discuss digital transformation in […]

A Framework for AIOps Data Collection and Access: Multi-Vendor Proof-of-Concept Demonstration

ONUG’s AIOps working group was created to discuss how to manage data and control access for AIOps vendors. The group investigated different approaches to data collection, storage, and access. The panel discussion which occurred at the ONUG Fall 2020 event outlined their reference solution and asked for organizations willing to help with a proof of […]

ONUG 2021: Bringing It All Together!

Operationalizing Flexible IT Business Platforms at Scale Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Infrastructure 2020 was a year when executives were forced to make 10 years’ worth of decisions in six months. In 2021, we will reflect on the lessons learned and digest the changes we experienced as we make incremental changes on our digital journeys. For many, digital transformation […]

Broadcom’s DX NetOps Continues Improving Visibility with Expanded SD-WAN Network Monitoring

Broadcom enhanced its analytic capabilities in the latest release of the DX NetOps network monitoring software that now enables network operations teams to reliably deliver applications experiences over SD-WAN technologies built on Silver Peak, VMware VeloCloud, Cisco Meraki, Nokia Nuage and 128 Technology. Enhanced application-aware optimization technology allows enterprises to centralize real-time application monitoring across […]