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A More Secure Digital Future

During my long career, there has been one constant requirement I often hear, “I want to see an end-to-end view of an application.” This is the holy grail to assure great user experience, assure security and observability.  Developers, IT infrastructure and operational teams struggle every day with this lack of visibility of an application’s dependency […]

Town Hall Meeting: Who Will Close the Gaps in Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Infrastructure?

The Era of the Cloud has made many pie-in-the-sky promises about more consistent, efficient, and resilient IT infrastructures, and has done an admirable job of meeting much of that potential. But there’s still a gap in what businesses want and need from a hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure, and the industry’s capabilities to meet those needs.  ONUG’s own […]

The Great Debate: Is Everyone Doing Cybersecurity Wrong?

Organizations have cybersecurity as a top-of-mind priority – but are they spending their limited time and resources on the right areas? Or are many companies’ approaches to cybersecurity often misguided and ineffective? And if they are, what can companies do to protect themselves properly and proactively? Cybersecurity experts Greg Ferro of Packet Pushers and Johna […]

ONUG Celebrates 10 Years!

The year 2022 marks 10 years in which the ONUG Community of Global 2000 companies have been defining and building the next generation of enterprise computing by leveraging a software-based approach to create business value.  As a member of the Community, I want to say thank you for being an integral part of the future […]

Five Steps to Accelerate Your AIOps Journey

For today’s IT operations teams, understanding and solving issues can feel like a nonstop game of whack-a-mole. Managing a diverse, edge-powered infrastructure isn’t easy for increasingly complex, distributed enterprises. Most IT operations teams have organically accumulated multiple legacy tools as their organizations have matured, each with its own distinct interface and training requirements. This tools […]

Looking Ahead to 2022

2021 has been a tremendous year for the ONUG Enterprise Cloud Community of Global 2000 IT business leaders, developers and sponsor members. 2021 broke all attendance records and marked the start of a massive IT enterprise cloud 2022 spending cycle. In 2020 – 2021, ONUG held four digital events attended by well over 13,000 enterprise […]

A Cloud Guru: 4 ways to converge networks and cloud

It’s a challenge for most organizations to find the best ways to build environments that bridge their legacy and newer hybrid or multi-cloud networks. Whether it’s competitive pressure, time to market, innovation, or the demand for remote work, organizations now have pressing strategic business reasons to shift to the cloud. But research has shown that […]

ONUG Concludes Biannual Fall 2021 Event Following Monumental Growth

Enterprise cloud community offers sneak peek of in-person event, ONUG Spring 2022 BOSTON – November 16, 2021 – ONUG, an open enterprise cloud community of Global 2000 IT business leaders, recently completed its Fall 2021 event. ONUG Fall hosted over 75 speakers over 55 sessions. Thousands of IT executives and practitioners attended the event from […]

Visibility, Actionable Insights, and Performance for the Modern, Hybrid Enterprise

This was an exciting month, as Riverbed hosted our Global User Conference and we participated in ONUG Fall 2021 and connected with colleagues, customers and the wider enterprise technology community. As we look forward to what’s coming for enterprises—it’s digital-first and hybrid by design, with cloud, SaaS and legacy technologies working together and employees collaborating […]

Getting Started with Network Automation – A Guide for Your Journey

Beginning your Network Automation journey can seem like an overwhelming task. We often hear questions from our clients, such as, “Where do I even begin?” or “How can I ensure that I am building a platform the right way from the start?” All great questions. However, journey is the key word when it comes to […]

Prepare your WAN and network security architecture for a hybrid work future

Corporate networks have evolved over the years around the notion of physical spaces — offices, retail stores, factory floors, production studios, and data centers. We predominantly used client-server applications, with the server-side hosted in private data centers, and the client-side running on desktop and laptop computers at physical office locations. We accommodated remote users, business […]

Using APIs for End-to-End Process Automation

Blog #3 in a Series on APIs from the ONUG O&A Working Group Part One of this blog series on APIs for network automation set the foundation for the importance of using APIs (application programming interfaces) for network and end-to-end process automation. Part Two, we are going to look at more of the implementation details […]