The ONUG Collaborative CSNF Project Team developed the Cloud Security Notification Framework, which maps security-related notification messages from multiple cloud providers into a common format, helping to streamline workflows for security analysts responding to multicloud security incidents. In 2023, CSNF was included in Splunkbase as a Technology Add-On.

How the ONUG Collaborative Works

The Collaborative focuses on specific use cases that present critical challenges for enterprise technology adopters. Use cases of concern are identified by the ONUG Collaborative Steering Committee, the ONUG Board or ONUG Community members.

ONUG Collaborative Project Teams help technology adopters overcome critical use case challenges by generating deliverables focused on actionable outcomes. These outcomes equip enterprise IT professionals with valuable know-how around the tools, technologies and techniques that can be put into practice within their organizations.


The ONUG Collaborative Drives Actionable Outcomes to Unlock the Full Potential of Technology

Collaborative Project Team Deliverables

Collaborative project team deliverables fall into one of three general categories:

Thought Leadership. Raise awareness and educate enterprises about emerging issues and concerns by shining a spotlight on business or technology challenges that are hindering technology adoption and articulating a collective vision for overcoming these challenges.

Market Enablement. Generate actionable outcomes and deliverables that enable enterprises to adopt new tools, technologies and techniques for overcoming specific challenges, such as design patterns, reference architectures, technology adoption maturity models, playbooks, success guides and best practices.

Technology Innovation. Develop new tools, technologies and techniques for overcoming challenges facing networking and security operations teams, including multi-vendor proof-of-concept demonstrations.

ONUG Collaborative Member Benefits

The Collaborative facilitates productive dialog between enterprises and suppliers, leading to solutions for addressing real-world problems. Year-round project team collaboration fosters knowledge sharing and mutual understanding. Members gain an insider’s perspective on enterprise technology adoption issues and concerns. Enterprise IT professionals learn from their peers and take actionable insights back to their organizations. Suppliers gain an in-depth understanding of enterprise needs and requirements.

How to Get Involved in the ONUG Collaborative

The Collaborative maintains two bodies: an Executive Steering Committee and the ONUG Collaborative membership. Complete the form below to express your interest in joining the ONUG Collaborative. We are accepting membership requests from enterprises as well as members of the IT supplier ecosystem.

Steering Committee
Board Member

Exclusively for C-level executives of Fortune 100 companies and invited senior members of the vendor/cloud community. Members provide oversight and thought leadership to influence industry direction by recommending and approving use cases for project teams.

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ONUG Collaborative

Members are welcome to join as many project teams as they are interested in contributing to. There is no limitation, but project team members are encouraged to actively participate if they join a project team.

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The ONUG Collaborative Project Teams


ONUG Collaborative Project Teams will be pivotal in breaking through technology barriers to drive industry change and better business outcomes for today’s digital enterprise.

Project Teams are focused on critical use cases in these areas:

Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF)
Zero Trust
Network as a Service (NaaS)
AI-Driven NOC/SOC Automation
Enterprise 5G

ONUG Collaborative Networking & Security Project Team Co-Chairs

Connecting Enterprise IT Professionals with the Supplier Ecosystem

The ONUG Collaborative is a consortium of enterprise IT professionals and suppliers – product vendors, cloud service providers, communications service providers and system integrators. It provides an unbiased forum for driving industry change and enabling IT professionals to break through barriers to achieve better business outcomes. The Collaborative facilitates peer-to-peer engagement between its members, including enterprise thought leaders, early adopters and technology innovators. These members then collaborate on solutions for overcoming critical networking and security challenges in the Cloud Era. The Collaborative offers a level playing field for the open exchange of viewpoints and insights that helps foster valuable relationships between enterprises and suppliers.

ONUG Collaborative Membership