Closing the Minimum Viable Security Posture Across Multiple Cloud Providers ACG

Spring 2021

Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) is an open cloud security reporting system that has the support of all the major CSPs and on-prem tool cloud access security brokers or CASB.  CSNF defines common definitions and syntax of cloud security events/alerts and alarms.  The best part of CSNF is that it is supported by multiple cloud providers.  CSNF “decorators” can be ingested by a large number of tools to drive  new dashboards and cross CSP views so that security teams may assess their multi-cloud security posture.  A key CSNF goal is to assist in the automation of cloud governance.  In this session you will learn about CSNF and see multiple CSP CSNF demonstrations so you can start your own CSNF journey.


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