BluVector Proof of Concept: Advanced Threat Detection & Automated Threat Hunting

Spring 2021

This PoC begins by detailing BluVector’s core product – Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) and how it expands visibility in your network traffic analysis by providing more quality analytics. This is done with multiple Machine-Learning Engines (MLEs) correlating all network events with Speculative Code Execution Engines (SCEs), probability & analytics engines, and other asset illuminators to prioritize threat notifications at line speed.

We then take the viewer on a journey into our newest product – Automated Threat Hunting (ATH) and how it can be used to correlate the threat landscape across your cloud and on-premise infrastructure. It produces and tracks the risk associated with all the entities that it identifies and enumerates in your network – and present and correlate adversarial campaigns across these entities. This specific portion of the PoC is from a real exercise that was conducted at the National Cyber Range and how ATH was able to put together a story around a Red Team attack, thus correlating the what, when, and how the system, entities, users, and other objects were attacked.

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