Zscaler Proof of Concept: Enabling Enterprise Digital Transformation

Spring 2021

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of talk about digital business transformation. But has anyone talked to you about what it actually means for your organization? Why does it matter? What does it entail and how do you start? In this video whiteboarding session, you’ll have the chance to hear from Zscaler’s Global Customer Success Leader, Bill Lapp about the drivers of digital transformation, get answers to your questions, and learn how to take the first steps—or the next steps—on your journey. The session will cover a range of topics, including the Gartner SASE framework and other digital business enablers, SD-WAN and the changing branch architecture, IT simplification and cost reduction, the need to support work-from-home initiatives, the benefits of cloud-native security that supports secure, any-to-any connectivity, and much more.


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