Itential Proof of Concept: Automating Compliance Across Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Network Infrastructure

Spring 2021

Enterprise Networks have exploded over the Internet, forever changing the way we build and manage networks. Applications are no longer centrally located, but they are dispersed across multiple cloud platforms or offered as cloud-based services. Employees are also dispersed across different networks– campus, home and the public Internet. Building secure and reliable connectivity between users and applications in this new environment has become a complex challenge that the networking team has been given the task of solving.

Network compliance is a key component to building and maintaining a secure and reliable network and has always been top of mind for Networking teams. While managing device configuration and ensuring compliance has been a consistent challenge in CLI-based networks, these existing tools simply do not work in the world of cloud networking, where network services are not primarily driven through CLI methods but through APIs. Ensuring compliance across API-based network infrastructure is as important, if not more important, as compliance across CLI-based network devices.

In order to solve this imminent challenge, a new method of ensuring compliance across the entire network is required. Itential will present a PoC that will demonstrate how its Automation Platform can be used to build Compliance standards across both CLI and API based network elements, ensure that on-prem devices and cloud-based services are operating according to the compliance standards, and automatically remediate any devices that are out of compliance using automation workflows.

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