NETSCOUT Proof of Concept: Using NETSCOUT Smart Data to Identify, Investigate, and Remediate Threats in Your Hybrid and Multi-cloud Deployments

Spring 2021

This demonstration will show NETSCOUT Omnis Cyber Investigator in action, showing workflows to help investigate, and identify cyberthreats present in your hybrid AWS environment, to provide details to other systems such as firewalls or IDS’s, and NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense technology, to block these events for ongoing protection. Additionally it will detail some examples of how Cyber Investigator fits into an existing Security Ecosystem; how it delivers it’s cyber events to third party SIEMs such as Splunk, and AWS Security Hub as well as how it provides contextual drilldown from these systems into Cyber Investigator security data, sessions, and even packets for further host analysis and investigation, no matter where the events originate.


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