Gluware Proof of Concept: Using Gluware to Automate Public Cloud IaaS

Spring 2021

In this POC we will look at how GluwareⓇ Intelligent Network Automation can be used to automate public cloud infrastructure, in this example deploying a specific pod design in AWS. Gluware leverages the integrated Terraform adapter and providers (including public clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud). Using the Config Modeling app in Gluware, see how users can build and customize the required cloud constructs using the native Terraform Resources and corresponding attributes along with the Data Sources. For the Terraform AWS provider Gluware has onboarded the full library of 644 resource types and 220 data sources. This POC will showcase how Gluware can simplify usage of the TF resources, creation of the required TF file and maintain the TF state file after provisioning. In addition to showing the provisioning of cloud resources, Gluware will also demonstrate how it can use native calls to the cloud provider and also automate 3rd party network functions, like a virtual Cisco CSR 1000v which is part of the example pod being spun up.


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