Edge 2.0 the New “Real Estate” in Enterprise Cloud

Spring 2021

Business processes continue to digitize and transform, driven by a new wave of “modern” applications and more recently by global conditions.  User experience, security and end-to-end visibility have never been more front and center.  This, along with the new application capabilities enabled by microservices and containers, is creating a fundamental shift — or extension — of cloud architecture to embrace the edge and get workloads closer to users.  In this fireside chat, we will discuss the shifts in application and cloud architectures towards the edge, aka Edge 2.0, and the business value potential and execution challenges it can create.


Nick Lippis is an authority on corporate computer networking. He has designed some for the largest computer networks in the world. He has advised many Global 2000 firms on network strategy, architecture, equipment, services and implementation including Hughes Aerospace, Barclays Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Eastman Kodak Company, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Liberty Mutual, Schering-Plough, Sprint, WorldCom, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks and a wide range of other equipment suppliers and service providers.

Mr. Lippis is uniquely positioned to comment, analyze and observe computer networking industry trends and developments.

Geng Lin is Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at F5. He is responsible for leading
technology strategy, product evolution, and critical innovations for the company.
Lin joined F5 in 2019 from JPMorgan Chase & Co., where he was Managing Director, Chief Development
Officer and Head of Engineering for Consumer and Community Banking. Prior to JPMorgan Chase, Lin
worked at Google as CTO of Corporate Networks and later as Head of Service Engineering for Next
Billion Users. Previously, he served as CTO of Networking Group at Dell and CTO of the Cisco-IBM
Alliance at Cisco Systems. He was also an appointed Fellow at Dell and Distinguished Engineer at
JPMorgan Chase.
Lin is an industry-leading expert in distributed systems, software-defined infrastructure, and cloud
services. He is a contributing author of two books on cloud and data-intensive computing. He has
published many technical papers and holds nine U.S. patents.
Lin received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in computer science from Peking University and a Ph.D. degree in
computer science from The University of British Columbia

Matt has been with Koch for over 20 years serving in various technology related roles. In his role as an Enterprise Architect, he has overseen significant technology transformation efforts such as the global SD-WAN deployment, improvement of bandwidth and internet access for hundreds of locations around the world, and developing and executing strategies for cloud on-ramps to support the broad move to adopt cloud services, modernize applications, and develop digital products and services across the enterprise.

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