The AIOps Journey. Are you Being Left Behind?

Spring 2021

What is your AIOps journey?   The ONUG AIOps Working Group developed an AIOps customer journey map, with input from the ONUG community.   You can use this map to find out where you are versus others in the use of AI to automate infrastructure operations.  During this session you will learn about the AIOps journey, where most get stuck, how best to get unstuck and a playbook which will serve as a guide to the successful AIOps project(s).   


I’m the Co-Founder and Co-Host of The Tech Fugitives Show. The show covers IT news with a dash of science. Mix in some humor and it becomes… “Tech Talk that doesn’t Suck!”

Tim Van Herck is the Director of Technical Product Management at VeloCloud, now part of VMware. He has over 15 years of experience in networking, currently leading his team in strategy and development for training, content, and sales support. Prior to joining VMware, Tim held notable positions with Aryaka Networks, Cisco Systems, and Alcatel/Nokia. He has a Masters in Computer Science from Hogeschool Antwerpen.

Bob started his career in wireless at Metricom (Ricochet wireless network) developing and deploying wireless mesh networks across the country to connect the first generation of Internet browsers. Following Metricom, Bob co-founded Airespace, a start-up focused on helping enterprises manage the flood of employees bringing unlicensed Wi-Fi technology into their businesses. Following Cisco’s acquisition of Airespace in 2005, Bob became the VP/CTO of Cisco enterprise mobility and drove mobility strategy and investments in the wireless business (e.g. Navini, Cognio, ThinkSmart, Phunware, Wilocity, Meraki). He also drove industry standards such as Hot Spot 2.0 and market efforts such as Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience. He holds more than 15 patents.


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