Pensando Open Session – Connecting the Dots In The Modern Data Center

Spring 2021

As enterprise data centers adopt turn-key technologies to drive agility and cost efficiencies, the network layer, when contrasted with compute and virtualization infrastructure, is typically the least agile component to design, configure, and operate.

When it comes to troubleshooting and driving operational efficiencies, network issues such as congestion and packet errors are heightened due to the complex interaction between the network and the teams managing multi-vendor, hyper-converged solutions in both large-scale data centers and remote office IT environments.  In this open session we will outline the challenges for two key data center groups—server administrators and network managers—and demonstrate how each can quickly connect the dots and identify the root cause of issues.


Jason Gmitter has over 20 years of experience building and deploying enterprise class data center architectures.  Prior to Pensando he has held senior systems engineering and customer-focused roles at Microsoft, Cisco, and ADP.

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