Gluware Open Session: Gluware DevOps for NetOps: Automating and Integrating using APIs and Custom Data Models

Spring 2021

In this session, Gluware will demonstrate three automation use cases to progress NetOps enabling a DevOps approach and integrating with CI/CD pipelines.  The first use case will look at how to leverage the published REST API from Gluware, GluAPI, to interact programmatically with Gluware. The second use case will demonstrate how the Gluware Lab IDE can be used to build a custom data model, using VLANs as an example, to store data and also expose a REST API to feed in variables from an external source and provision multi-vendor switches. The third example will show how custom external API interactions can be rapidly integrated with Gluware using the example of making API calls to ServiceNow.


Michael Haugh brings over twenty-five years of experience and leads Product Marketing at Gluware. Prior to Gluware, Michael was VP of Product Management at ClearPath Networks. He has previously held roles in System Engineering, Product Management, and Marketing at Ixia and Spirent. Michael also worked at IBM Global Services and AT&T in Network Operations, Network Engineering and as a Design Engineer. Michael, Cisco CCIE #4334, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and holds a B.S. in Engineering from Southern Illinois University.

Olivier Huynh Van is the Chief Science Officer and visionary inventor of Gluware technology, leading the company’s R&D efforts. Previously, Olivier was the former CTO of Yelofin Networks and has 20 years of experience designing and managing mission-critical global networks for ADM Investor Services, Groupe ODDO & Cie, Natixis, Oxoid, and Deutsche Bank. Olivier holds a Master’s Degree in Electronics, Robotics and Information Technology from ESIEA in Paris, France.

Alex Araujo is an experienced Automation Solutions Architect at Gluware, where he leads the technical onboarding and deployment of the company’s network automation solutions in some of the largest global pharmaceuticals and financial organizations. Previously, Alex was the lead Network Engineer at where he helped them grow the network to become one of the largest Wireless Internet Service Providers in the Northern California region.

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