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About the ONUG Community

Experts & Leaders in the Enterprise Cloud Community

ONUG advocates for open, interchangeable, software-defined solutions at every level of a business application’s dependency map.

ONUG explores and champions technical workforce transformation, fosters the exploration of strategic challenges facing today’s organizations, and drives supplier product development investment and technology initiatives to meet these challenges and drive successful digital outcomes.

The growing ONUG community has access to resources and tools to stay current with industry trends and developments.

Benefits of Becoming an ONUG Sponsor

Connect with Top Industry Leaders

ONUG is always looking for sponsors to help drive positive change in the world of enterprise cloud computing. Sponsors have a direct impact on how changes are made within the community and the industry as a whole. ONUG provides an opportunity for vendors and end-users to collaborate to drive successful outcomes for companies throughout the world.

  • Foster the exploration of strategic challenges/solutions facing world-class organizations and technology leaders.
  • Participate in peer-to-peer collaboration on all approaches regarding the design, build, security, and management of infrastructure of the future.
  • Gain insight into common issues within the industry to get first-hand knowledge of needed solutions to better create and position your organization’s solutions.
  • Communicate your company’s solutions and capabilities to industry thought leaders.
  • Engage with ONUG’s growing community of top-level executives.

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ONUG Spring & Fall Conferences


Exhibit at an Event

The ONUG Spring and Fall conferences are the exclusive gathering places for the community, bringing together Global 2000 professionals who are designing, building, and managing enterprise cloud infrastructure plus founders, industry leaders, financial analysts, investors, academics, and researchers.

Event sponsors have the unique opportunity to promote their industry-specific solutions and ideas to ONUG’s rapidly growing community of IT business leaders.


Industry Specific Conversations


Sponsor a Webinar

ONUG Webinars present in-depth content and discussions on relevant enterprise multi-cloud topics and feature an interactive platform to facilitate Q&As. Webinars can be watched live or on-demand.

Start a conversation and sponsor a webinar with ONUG. You chose the topic and we ensure the broadest possible outreach to promote sponsored webinars to help get the message out there. Each webinar is supported by the ONUG brand. We moderate the live webinar, help shape the agenda, and market through our promotional channels.


Drive Industry Solutions


Join The Collaborative

The ONUG Collaborative working groups tackle challenges that come from implementing multi-cloud solutions in today’s enterprise.

Collaborative Sponsors have the opportunity to amplify their voice which drives successful digital transformation in your company. The ONUG Collaborative provides a means for like-minded corporations to engage and work together in a problem-solving atmosphere and culture. The ONUG Collaborative has industry influence and seeks to put it to work by providing valuable tools to enable the digital transformation journey of today’s enterprise.