NETSCOUT Open Session: Network Visibility for Unified Security and Assurance in the Multi-Cloud

Spring 2021

Your network has changed dramatically as the enterprise has sprawled to take advantage of multiple cloud providers. You still have datacenters and other forms of edge computing getting built out. But your governance hasn’t changed, and the need for availability and security across this is still your mandate. While the platforms have gotten better at providing visibility, with varying degrees of parity at the feature level, the actual implementations make integrations expensive and prohibitively so when you’re working with multiple clouds. This talk will focus on how NETSCOUT is approaching this problem.’


Hardik Modi is AVP, Threat and Mitigation Products at NETSCOUT. In this role, he oversees the teams responsible for mitigation products as well as the creation of security content for NETSCOUTs products, enabling best-in-class protection for users, as well as the continuous delivery and publication of impactful research across the DDoS and Intrusion landscapes.

Prior to joining NETSCOUT, Hardik was Vice President Threat Research at a network security vendor. He has nearly 20 years of experience in networks, product design and security research. He is a frequent author of blogs and speaker at security events.

Hardik holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Gujarat University, India.

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