NetBrain Proof of Concept: Extending Automated Network Operations to Multi-Cloud Environments

Spring 2021

Today’s businesses rely on combinations of traditional, software-defined and public cloud technologies to form their digital infrastructure and deliver their IT business services. And while these networking technologies being deployed have changed dramatically, the operational policies, processes and tools have not kept up.

NetBrain has changed all of that. Its Automation Value Delivery platform provides a robust platform to discover, visualize, manage and automate the entire network, end-to-end, regardless of where those ends reside. By creating a comprehensive digital twin of the entire network, NetBrain enables cross-functional teams to implement automation to remediate problems quickly, to manage configuration compliance and security, and ultimately, to confirm that the performance design intent is maintained.

A key component of NetBrain’s AVD is it’s “No-code” automation environment. By using templated, drag-and-drop tools that allow non-coders to build robust network automations, network teams can transform from simply “keeping the lights on” in a reactionary fashion, to drastically reducing the MTTR of network tickets and proactively maintaining the high-performance delivery of IT business services.

In this proof-of-concept, NetBrain will demonstrate how to bring no-Code automation into a hybrid network infrastructure that includes public cloud for more efficient operations and faster response to network tasks and tickets.


Experienced technical leader providing thought leadership and technical expertise for NetBrain’s network automation solution.

Design technical collateral like white papers, reference architecture and technical assets for successful go-to-market and product launches working closely with the product team.

Establish data-driven business cases using internal and external data sources for product feature value.

Support internal business intelligence requests, including delivery of high-quality solutions to align business strategy and support key business decisions.

Develop product-based technical content collaborating with internal engineers and developers.

Deliver high-quality training material to internal technical audiences through events and webinars.

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