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The Network Cloud Working Group developed the SD-WAN market and is now focused on developing the playbook for networking in the post-COVID world.

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Network Cloud

What We’re Working On

Network Cloud Working Group Chairperson

The Network Cloud Working Group developed the SD-WAN market and is now focused on developing the playbook for networking in the post-Covid world.

With Remote Workforces (RWF) staying remote and large corporations selling campus and headquarter facilities, etc., a new set of networking requirements has emerged from data center to multi-cloud connect to home office to IoT. Zero trust security, 5G, multi-cloud networking, SASE, edge computing, smart NICs, network services as cloud-based overlays, etc., are all coming together to deliver a more agile and elastic infrastructure. This ONUG Working Group is charting the course of how to think about networking in the post-COVID world.  

  • Define roadmap, playbook and runbook critical to the network evolution toward elastic infrastructure
  • Create consumption models by enterprise personas 
  • The role of SD-WAN 
    • What is it now? What is its evolution with ZTN
    • Internet vs. Private WAN
    • Building and deploying NaaS
    • Network overlay integration to security and ZTN overlay 
  • Security Overlay
    • Address workforce and workload redistribution
    • DevOps driven application/service rollout 
    • Access management, P2P, Fabric, RAVPN convergence
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Elastic Infrastructure for Multi-Cloud Reference Architecture

This reference architecture provides a common framework for specifying the functional requirements for each use case scenario, which will be documented in a set of “RFPs” that will guide the development of multi-vendor reference solutions.

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