Tenable Proof of Concept: Cyber Exposure Management: 5 Critical Pillars to Quantify and Reign in Cyber Risk

Fall 2023

Digital transformation has led to an intensely challenging and dynamic attack surface comprised of IT, multi-cloud, IoT, edge, OT and BYOD. These threats, regulations and boards continue to escalate pressure on security leaders to measure and communicate cyber exposure. In this session, we will detail the 5 critical pillars of a successful cyber exposure management program, and how they can be achieved. We lay the foundation with the golden rule of security: ‘There is no security without complete asset visibility’ – detailing how to construct a 360-degree view of assets and total asset exposure in a business context for prioritized remediation. Armed with a quantifiable view of risk and its impact, security leaders will be able to effectively demonstrate both ongoing compliance with mandates and overall improvement of cyber security posture against benchmarks.

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