Fortinet Proof of Concept: Fortinet Cloud Secure: Dynamic Cloud Security PoC

Fall 2023

Fortinet Security responds dynamically to changes in the cloud environment and interacts with cloud native tools to effect changes required to maintain a continuous posture of protection and prevention. Join the PoC to witness Fortinet Security Automation in action. This PoC includes dynamic responses to cloud environment changes through FortiGate Automation Stitch triggers and actions, utilizing Webhooks to launch Cloud functions to securely segment and route, cloud process and traffic.


John McDonough is a Senior Cloud Architect / Cloud DevOps Engineer at Fortinet for the past 3 years, delivering innovative Cloud deployment and automation solutions to global customers.  Prior to Fortinet John was a Developer Advocate for 6 years for Cisco Systems’ DevNet, capping the 18 years he was at Cisco. During his 35-year software development career John has contributed to Open-Source projects, Ansible and OpenStack, is a distinguished speaker at more that 30 Cisco Live events and has spoken about Open-Source contribution and Data Center and Cloud automation at many industry events, including SXSW, DevOps Days, API Days, HashiConf, MS Build, and Github Universe

John resides in the country in Sussex New Jersey with his wife and cat Gigi. He likes to ride bikes, fly kites, sit on the beach, and occasionally participate in trivia and karaoke at the local pub.

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