NetOne Systems Proof of Concept: Governing the New Technologies like ChatGPT from a Financial/Security Perspective Using PaC in a Hybrid-cloud Environment

Fall 2023

Following the breakout success of ChatGPT, LLM has gained attention in the business scene.

While many people have adopted and are utilizing this technology, with the rapid evolution of cloud environments, there are increasing challenges in governing LLM from a corporate IT policy perspective.

Especially, the complexity of governing technology in a hybrid cloud environment adds to the challenges.

In this context, the concept of PaC (Policy as Code) becomes especially important. By adopting PaC, it’s possible to efficiently monitor the use and cost of technology, and continuously verify that governance is functioning properly.

In this PoC, we introduce the practical approaches and concepts for governing new technologies like ChatGPT in a hybrid cloud environment, from a financial and security perspective, using PaC.

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