Zscaler Proof of Concept: From Complex Routable WANs to Seamless Zero Trust Connectivity

Fall 2023

Zscaler Zero Trust Branch Connectivity replaces complex site-to-site VPNs or SD-WANs. It secures enterprise networks using the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, while eliminating exposed VPN ports and preventing lateral threat movement. The lightweight plug and play Branch Connector appliance provide secure connectivity for IoT/OT devices, applications, and unauthenticated users in branch offices, retail outlets, factories, and medical facilities without requiring additional firewall or SD-WAN appliances.

In this proof of concept (POC), we will demonstrate how communication between unauthenticated endpoints (IoT/OT) and applications on the internet or private internal applications is secured. This connection is secured by Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange and the plug & play Branch Connector appliance. Branch Connectivity aligns with ONUG’s mission of Connect, Secure, Automate and Control as it enables zero trust connectivity for users, devices, and applications, all while replacing the complexity of routable WAN networks with a simple direct-to-cloud architecture with security built-in.


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