Broadcom Proof of Concept: Prove Your Innocence 90% Faster with End-to-End Active Network Testing

Fall 2023

Organizations make decisions to move apps and services to the cloud without fully taking into account the impact on end-user experience. IT is still responsible for performance even though hybrid infrastructures introduce more physical and logical distance between users and apps. Traditional monitoring approaches can’t provide the insights required to isolate issues for cloud apps and networks that run your business. Broadcom is a leader in the use of active monitoring–both web and network–to reduce the mean time to resolution for IT teams. Join us as we discuss a brief example of how we approach mean time to resolution for organizations struggling with visibility in the new hybrid world.

Alec Pinkham is the head of Product Marketing for AppNeta by Broadcom Software. Alec spent 7 years in technical marketing for AppNeta before coming to Broadcom with a background in software product management, testing, and mechanical engineering. Off the clock, he is an avid hiker, runner, and skier depending on the weather.

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