ACG Working Group Update: Report on the Outcome of the Multi-Cloud Cybersecurity Space Jam

Fall 2023

he Automated Cloud Governance (ACG) Working Group is hosting the Multi-Cloud Cybersecurity Space Jam, a special evening event that will test the skills and knowledge of SOC practitioners while showcasing the benefits of adopting the working group’s Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) product open source project. CSNF is designed to overcome the challenge of interpreting the babel of security alerts and notifications emanating from various cloud service providers and the proliferation of disparate cloud-based services. The lack of standard practices for security notification syntax and semantics places a significant burden on SOC teams when confronted with security threats that span multiple cloud services

This informative, gamified, fun event will connect participants to the World Wide Technology (WWT) Cyber Range lab environment, where they will be exposed to a series of challenging, real-world, cybersecurity threats that are typical in hybrid multi-cloud enterprise computing. Friendly gameplay will be structured to accommodate varying levels of skills and knowledge, with SOC teams competing to solve cybersecurity problems in several scenarios of increasing complexity. Participants will work hands-on, utilizing security notifications generated using the CSNF, which has been integrated with Splunk in the WWT Cyber Range. Gameplay will require identifying security breaches emanating from several attack methods.

-CSNF and its canonical data model for multi-cloud security notifications.
-WWT Cyber Range lab environment.
-Simulated security threat scenarios.
-Outcome of the hands-on gameplay by SOC team participants.
-Key takeaways and lessons learned.
-Future cybersecurity gameplay events.

Who Should Attend:
-IT Security Professionals
-Network Engineers
-Cloud Security Architects
-Security Operations Center (SOC) leaders
-CISOs and Security Directors
-Network Engineers and Administrators
-Data Analysts and Data Scientists
-IT and Technology stakeholders
-Practitioners in interested in the Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF)



Security leader focused on making multi-cloud environments a safer place. Enables new and untried technologies, running proof of concepts and designing secure configurations that enable the business to leverage new technology safely. Ensures that the security vision is consistently executed across all phases of the software lifecycle. Promotes patterns for security automation that leverage policy as code to scale security across multiple Cloud’s. Contributor to the open source community.


Josh Hammer is a Field CISO with Oracle. In this role, he works with customers to help them build innovative cloud security architectures and strategies that standardize and accelerate the secure adoption of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).  Before returning to Oracle, he was a Security Partner Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services.  In this role, he works closely with various strategic security partners to build cloud-optimized architecture and develop strategies with business development teams.  Before this, he was a Security Architect in the AWS Professional Services organization, where he helped large enterprises adopt AWS.

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