Aviatrix Proof of Concept: Exploring Policy-as-Code Based Multicloud Security

Fall 2023

While the cloud model offers agility, the absence of proper governance often relegates security to an afterthought, becoming a hindrance to an enterprise’s digital transformation. The blame typically falls on cloud security architects when the pace of this transformation slows down. Stay at the forefront of cloud networking and security by participating in this concise Proof of Concept. Discover how Aviatrix streamlines cloud networking infrastructure and enhances security through a policy-based Distributed Cloud Firewall.


Saad Mirza is the Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at Aviatrix, a cloud networking firm. A brand ambassador who cocreated Multicloud Networking Architecture and Aviatrix Certified Engineer program. Prior to Aviatrix, he held networking and security roles at organizations including VMWare, Cisco, Brocade, and BT. Saad is a frequent speaker at well-known industry events and webinars and enjoys writing blogs and vlogs on innovative cloud technologies and industry trends.

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