Navigating Transformational Changes in the Quantum and AI Era

Fall 2023

The scaling of quantum computers combined with advances in AI will disrupt a vast number of industries. Although quantum computers will be capable of solving otherwise intractable market-ready problems, they can also break virtually all our digital network security. Similarly, AI can already replace human decision-making and operations in many professions. The combination will impact all businesses and have unforeseeable consequences, including in the earliest days of technology deployments already underway. The potential advantages of first adopters will have far-reaching influence on both cybersecurity and product development, but only for those companies with expertise. The talent shortage will become more acute as the opportunities expand. The advent of ChatGPT has revealed the vast monetization potential of all data, while quantum computers will enable our adversaries to get it. These two technologies usher in a new technology age very different from the incremental improvements of the past, where impossible problems are solved and intelligence is automated by machines.


Christopher Moretti has been an executive leader with Cigna since October, 2015 and is currently responsible for all infrastructure engineering Leading the Global Engineering & Infrastructure Services.  In this role, Chris provides executive leadership over the teams that deliver Cigna’s voice & data networks, security engineering, contact center, database, compute, storage, information management, mainframe, cloud & devops.

Previous to Cigna, Chris spent 14 years at General Electric and its subsidiaries in various executive leadership roles supporting its insurance, consumer and commercial banking businesses.  While at GE, Chris attended and graduated many of their prestigious management training classes including AIMC and EIMP.  Most recently, Christopher was Managing Director of Global Networks for J.P. Morgan Chase & Company based in midtown Manhattan.

Chris started his career in IT performing many different hands on technical roles in client/server, network and security for various sized firms in the greater New York market including a period where he consulted for Greenwich Technology Partners.

Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Connecticut and currently resides in Shelton, CT with his wife and 3 sons.

Qrypt CTO and co-founder, Denis Mandich, focuses on quantum security, R&D, post quantum encryption (PQC) algorithms and standards bodies. He holds several patents in cryptography, cyber technologies and information processing. Denis a founding member of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), a founding member of the NSF-funded Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance (MQA), founding member of the Center for Quantum Technologies (CQT), advisor to the Quantum Startup Foundry and Board member of quantum chip manufacturer Quside.

Prior to joining Qrypt, Denis served 20 years in the US Intel Community working on national security projects, cyber infrastructure, and advanced technology development. He has degrees in Physics from Rutgers University and speaks native level Croatian and Russian.

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