NetBox Labs Proof of Concept: Network Automation Success Relies on a Network Source of Truth

Fall 2023

As network complexity increases, automation will play a key role in ensuring reliability across enterprise networks. Yet, despite the number of new network automation tools on the market, Gartner estimated only 22% of companies had any network automation.

One reason automation isn’t taking off? The massive effort it takes to gather the inventory of your network, and to ensure that data is accurate. A network source of truth like NetBox Cloud gives network teams at least one easy button in this regard. It provides a single, authoritative source of information about the configuration of network devices and services. NetBox Cloud ensures that network administrators are:
-working with accurate and consistent information
-reducing the likelihood of misconfigurations that could impact network reliability
-scaling automation so that network devices are always configured accurately and consistently.

This session will focus on why a network source of truth, which documents the physical and virtual devices in your network, plays a critical role in enabling network automation. In line with ONUG’s goal of championing multiple options and choices in the development of a robust multi-cloud infrastructure, network sources of truth like NetBox work alongside any network automation tool and don’t lock enterprises into one vendor. By allowing a network source of truth like NetBox to define network configurations, network operators can begin automation, which frees them up to focus on larger network strategy and reliability issues.


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