Microland Proof of Concept: Achieving Flawless Performance of Your Network

Fall 2023

Network services have long been considered the least integral part of business technology – a large expense not well understood, often the reason for the significant delay in executing business initiatives, and frequently the cause of outages in business operations; in short, a black box remarkable only when the system fails.

At Microland, we’re excited about a new reality — a substantial leap forward that is enabling the acceleration of your business transformation via our Network as a Service. But offering this requires much more than a simple bundling of historically siloed services or automating transactions via API’s. It requires Automated Operations.

We invite you attend our POC session to see how your network can provides flawless performance.


Growing a technology team to develop an enhanced set of Practices and Solutions that will accelerate an enterprise’s Digital Transformation. Microland is enabling enterprises to adopt newer technologies, enhance productivity and provide deeper insights to gain business competitive advantage.

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