Keynote – NaaS: The Evolution from Private Routed WANs to “The Network Is The Cloud”

Fall 2023

With the digital age came an exponential transformation in compute and networking landscapes. As enterprises shifted from bare metal servers to server virtualization, and ultimately,
to cloud-based IaaS and PaaS, enterprise networking experienced a parallel evolution. We progressed from traditional router-based WAN connections and embraced Software Defined Networking (SDN). However, the journey doesn’t stop there. Today, we stand at the cusp of a new era where the Network becomes the Cloud, paving the way for Network Cloud services.

This pivotal transformation brings forth the emergence of network-cloud services, empowering digital businesses and application owners. By outsourcing infrastructure-level management
concerns, these stakeholders can now place greater emphasis on harnessing higher-order capabilities, thanks to an agile, resilient, and scalable trusted infrastructure. Hyperscale service providers are central to this change, heralding a new market defined
by its vastness and scale.

API-driven programmable networks and cloud-delivered elastic services are reshaping the way enterprises perceive and interact with service provider networking services. What do these
innovative changes mean for an enterprise’s digital transformation journey?

Join us to uncover these transformative shifts with industry-leading service provider executives. Dive deep into the evolution, its driving forces, and the resulting implications
for enterprises globally.
-Welcome & Introduction: A brief chronicle of networking from its beginnings to the present.
-The Compute Evolution and Its Parallel in Networking: Drawing parallels between the transitions in compute and networking.
-Unraveling the Network Cloud: Delineating Hyperscale Service Providers and their transformative impact.. Spotlighting the transition from SDN to Network Cloud.
-The Power of Programmable Networks & APIs: Decoding the integral role of APIs in enhancing network agility. Exploring real-world utilities and advantages of programmable networks.
-Elastic Services: Cloud’s Gift to Networking and Developers: The rise of cloud-delivered elastic services.Discussing implications for businesses and scalability enhancements.
-Panel Discussion with Service Provider Executives: A dynamic discussion with industry forerunners on the move to Network Cloud and its wider implications. Audience Q&A.
-Closing Remarks & Looking Ahead: Speculation on the networking horizon in the era of the cloud. Key takeaways for businesses to ponder.

Who Should Attend:
-CIOs & IT Executives: Equip yourself to understand the evolving panorama and strategize for what’s next.
-Network Engineers & Architects: Delve into the latest breakthroughs and pioneering innovations.
-Service Provider Professionals: Collaborate with peers and foresee burgeoning market necessities.
-Enterprise Decision Makers: Arm yourself with the requisite insights to make astute decisions regarding wide-area connectivity.
-Tech Aficionados & Students: Keep abreast with the cutting-edge developments in networking evolution.
By partaking in this session, attendees will attain a comprehensive grasp of the profound changes in the networking realm, priming them to adeptly navigate the future landscape of
enterprise connectivity.



Johna Till Johnson is CEO and Founder of Nemertes Research, where she sets research direction and works with strategic clients. Under her leadership, Nemertes has emerged as a leading trusted advisor to Fortune-50 and other world-class organizations. A widely regarded expert, Ms. Johnson currently serves as the content committee chair at the Wall St. Technology Association (WSTA), which provides technology guidance to some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated financial services firms. She regularly speaks at industry trade shows, conferences, and seminars, including Nemertes Navigator360, IDG’s FutureIT, ISC, and (WSTA). She writes regular columns on cybersecurity and IoT for TechTarget. Prior to founding Nemertes in 2002, Ms. Johnson served as chief technology officer (CTO) at Greenwich Technology Partners, a global consulting and engineering firm. Prior to that, she led the Global Networking Strategies Service business unit of META Group. Prior to that, as Senior Technology Editor she oversaw the lab-testing program at Data Communications magazine, providing testing and assessment of up to 16 emerging technologies per year. She also has designed and developed security, speech-synthesis, and free-space laser products at companies including Mosler Security Systems and Digitus Corp. Ms. Johnson holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering/computer science (BSEE/CS) from The Johns Hopkins University, has conducted graduate work in nuclear and particle physics at the University of Rochester, speaks three languages, and has published a science fiction novel. She is an avid urban kayaker and novice woodworker and candymaker.

Khalid Raza, CEO and Founder of Graphiant, was the co-founder and CTO of Viptela and is widely regarded as the “Father” of SD-WAN. He is a visionary in routing protocols and large-scale network architectures. In the past 25 years, he has redefined expectations and delivered innovative solutions across all industries for Tier-1 carriers and Fortune 100 companies.
Now, Khalid Raza is leading the charge at Graphiant, a Silicon Valley-based provider of next-generation Edge services. Graphiant has developed the Graphiant Network Edge, an “as-a-Service” solution that provides connectivity between the enterprise WAN, hybrid cloud, network edge, customers, and partners. Graphiant’s Network Edge combines MPLS-like performance (guaranteed delivery and privacy) and Internet-class agility to enable network architects to build enterprise-grade networks at the speed of business.

Barry is responsible for wireline services on the AT&T network including Transport, Managed for the customer premises, as well as Edge & Cloud-based services. In this role, Barry is leading the transition of these services to Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Network technologies that enable optimized delivery in real time. Additionally, Barry has responsibility for AT&T’s Network as a Service, Total Access Orchestration and Hyperscaler Network Integration teams. These Design and Architecture teams are charged with creating cohesive end to end services via a single buy flow using AT&T’s standard API strategy.
Prior to his current role, he was a Lead Member of Technical Staff with AT&T Labs tasked with evaluating AT&T’s long-term strategy as it related to emerging and innovative technologies. This included driving the AT&T Secure Network initiative that laid the groundwork for the AT&T Dynamic Defense Service as well as AT&T’s current Edge Strategy. Barry also spent a number of years as Lead Design & Architect of AT&T’s BVoIP services, including SIP trunking, Hosted Voice, and Collaboration Services as well as leading AT&T’s first implementation of MPLS services. Barry was with IBM Global Network Services preceding AT&T as a Solution Architect who was instrumental in designing the internal IBM MPLS network. Barry has been with AT&T since 1999 and has several patents related to BVoIP as well as Network & Application Optimization.
Barry holds a Bachelor of Science in Managed Information Systems from Colorado Technical University and is a proud Veteran of the United States Navy. Barry currently lives in Virginia with his wife and son and also enjoys spending time with his 2 adult daughters as much as possible.

Luc Boivin is Director of Solutions Architecture for Verizon Business Group. He leads a team of
technology architects with deep expertise in software-defined networks, secure cloud networks,
cybersecurity, collaboration technologies and contact centers. Luc and his team consult broadly with key
Enterprise clients to help define their infrastructure strategies and transformation roadmaps. Luc has
been deeply involved in several outsourcing projects with Verizon customers.

Luc spent his career at the forefront of technology. He started in research at M. I. T. and Bell Labs. He
held product development and management leadership positions with a successful start-up and at Ciena.
He has been consulting with large Enterprise clients at Verizon since 2006. He holds several U.S.
patents and maintains active professional certifications including CISSP, TOGAF and ITIL.

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