Improve Cloud Cybersecurity Resiliency and Lower Cloud Networking Costs – Aviatrix Main Stage Keynote

Fall 2023

Are outdated firewalls causing operational complexities and budgetary challenges for your cloud teams? This session will explore how leading enterprises tackle these challenges through an innovative distributed cloud firewall strategy. Enterprises are discovering substantial cost efficiencies, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars annually, all through the power of a distributed cloud firewall approach. A zero-trust network architecture driven by policy-as-code bolsters cyber resiliency and reduces business risk. Understand why customers say it’s a game-changer and security analysts view it as an opportunity to redefine cloud network security.


Chris McHenry is a Head of Security Solutions at Aviatrix (, the pioneer of Secure Cloud Networking, where he helps customers solve the new and unique challenges of networking within and between multiple clouds. He is an expert in the areas of zero trust networking and microsegmentation. Prior to Aviatrix, Chris spent more than 14 years at Cisco, where he led a global team of technical solutions architects responsible for Cisco’s cloud networking and security software portfolios. He has unique experience trying to drive innovation and disruption at large companies and enjoys being on the leading edge of major market transitions.

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