Gluware Proof of Concept: Automate a Cisco TrustSec Network Using Gluware

Fall 2023

Cisco TrustSec (CTS) offers a great way to operationalize microsegmentation in enterprise networks. Initial deployment and ongoing management can be time-consuming and error-prone due to the many moving parts. See how Gluware automation can streamline onboarding a network of switches and wireless controllers, using a combination of API calls and CLI configuration via SSH, following an easy-to-use workflow, ensuring the proper configuration is applied to Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) and to every network device to establish a baseline CTS environment. After initial onboarding, we will demonstrate how Gluware can further be used to manage the security group tag (SGT) lifecycle by creating a new SGT and validating propagation to the CTS network.


Tim Silverline has been heavily involved in the networking and cybersecurity industry for the past 20 years working for and with companies of all sizes.  As VP of Security for Gluware, he is responsible for product roadmap as it relates to security technologies in addition to helping ensure the security of the company and its software.  Tim has worked closely with the CSNF team to identify different manners in which the metrics surfaced from security technologies in the cloud could be leveraged to perform automatic security responses to various types of events and will be showcasing some specific example use cases of this at ONUG Fall 2022.

Olivier Huynh Van is the Chief Science Officer and visionary inventor of Gluware technology, leading the company’s R&D efforts. Previously, Olivier was the former CTO of Yelofin Networks and has 20 years of experience designing and managing mission-critical global networks for ADM Investor Services, Groupe ODDO & Cie, Natixis, Oxoid, and Deutsche Bank. Olivier holds a Master’s Degree in Electronics, Robotics and Information Technology from ESIEA in Paris, France.

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