Cloud Native Security Working Group Update: A Practitioner’s Guide to Zero Trust Security

Fall 2023

The Cloud Native Security Working Group has developed a practical handbook for “Building a Zero Trust Security Practice”, which takes practitioners from essential principles such as “Never Trust, Always Verify”, “Assume Breach”, and “Least Privilege” to a set of concrete operational practices that bring these notions to life. Validated by first-hand experience at a global Fortune 100 company, these practices are attainable – and necessary – to safeguard critical enterprise assets in a world where cyber criminals loom as an ever-present threat. Attend this session to understand what it takes to build Zero Trust security into the heart of your enterprise across all IT domains.

-Zero Trust in Five Easy Pieces. Adopting a Zero Trust mindset.
-Why Zero Trust is not a product, nor a project, but a dynamic ongoing practice. What does this mean and what does it look like at ground-level?
-Zero Trust is a journey, not a destination. Panelists will describe successful journeys and milestones for your Zero Trust journey.
-Zen and the Art of Zero Trust Maintenance: Getting Started, and Staying the Course.
-Closing thoughts and Q&A.

Who Should Attend
– Anyone currently planning or implementing a Zero Trust security strategy
-CISOs and Security Directors
-IT Security Professionals
-Security Operations Center (SOC) Managers
-IT and Technology Leaders concerned about cloud native security
-Service Providers and Vendors working in cloud native security


Cyber Security Advisor with FedEx Services, Inc. My current focus is on securing SDN and hybrid-cloud workloads as FedEx moves towards digital transformation and away from traditional L3 networks and data centers. In my role as Cyber Security Advisor I am called on to consult on many IT projects across the various operating companies that comprise FedEx. I am the team leader for the Network Security team that is responsible for implementing micro-segmentation, security analytics, identity services, and Wifi intrusion prevention among other security platforms and initiatives. I currently hold active ISCCISSP and GIAC GSEC certifications and have been a guest speaker on network and cloud security at various conferences including Proofpoint Connect, VMworld, and Future:NET.

My background is 30+ years of experience as a Network Security Engineer / Network Manager / Network Engineer working in the IS/IT division of various companies which span half a dozen industries and government agencies.

Jerald Murphy is SVP of Research and Consulting for Nemertes. With over three decades of technology experience, Jerry has done everything from neural networking research, integrated circuit design, computer programming, designing global data centers, to being CEO of a managed services company. Jerry has worked in The United States Army, MCI Communications, META Group, Cognizant, and was the CEO of Banking Infrastructure Technology Services (BITS).

Prior to founding MarketWord in 2006, Mark Fishburn held roles as Managing Director, VP marketing, VP sales, VP market development, technical strategy, and business unit manager with Xerox, Retix, Netcom Systems, Spirent. He has been a board member and chairman of several industry associations and frequent speaker at industry conferences worldwide.

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