Hyperautomation Working Group Update: The Age of Hyperautomation: Redefining Enterprise Efficiency

Fall 2023

Join us for an enlightening session that explores the transformative power of Hyperautomation, AI/ML, and Full Stack Analytics in shaping the future of business. Discover how Hyperautomation streamlines operations, while AI/ML revolutionizes decision-making and automation. Explore Full Stack Analytics for comprehensive insights across technology layers. Gain practical insights and best practices for adoption and implementation. Unleash the potential of these technologies to drive innovation, growth, and data-driven decision-making. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your business in the digital age.
-Exploring the transformative power of Hyperautomation, AI/ML, and Full Stack Analytics
-Streamlining operations through Hyperautomation
-Revolutionizing decision-making and automation with AI/ML
-Comprehensive insights across technology layers with Full Stack Analytics
-Practical insights and best practices for adoption and implementation
-Driving innovation, growth, and data-driven decision-making through these technologies
-Unleashing the potential of Hyperautomation in the digital age

Who Should Attend:
-IT and Technology Leaders
-Network and Cybersecurity Engineers and Professional
-Digital Transformation Managers
-Business Process Owners
-Operations Managers
-Data Analysts and Data Scientists
-AI/ML Engineers and Architects
-Cloud Architects and Engineers
-CIOs, CTOs, and IT Directors
-Service Providers and Vendors in automation and analytics
-Anyone interested in understanding and implementing Hyperautomation, AI/ML, and Full Stack Analytics in their enterprise.



Michael Haugh brings over twenty-five years of experience and leads Product Marketing at Gluware. Prior to Gluware, Michael was VP of Product Management at ClearPath Networks. He has previously held roles in System Engineering, Product Management, and Marketing at Ixia and Spirent. Michael also worked at IBM Global Services and AT&T in Network Operations, Network Engineering and as a Design Engineer. Michael, Cisco CCIE #4334, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and holds a B.S. in Engineering from Southern Illinois University.

Sal is a systems architect for the Merck digital manufacturing organization. He is bringing his 25 years of enterprise in network architecture, and engineering and is now delivering innovative enterprise solutions into the OT space. Over the past several decades he has driven many large-scale global projects including SSL VPN, virtualized data center fabrics, campus architecture, SDWAN, NFV, and intent-based automation. He has also been part of the ONUG Community for over seven years and is currently an active member of the Hyperautomation and Network Cloud Working Groups.

Ken Patel brings over thirty years of experience as an Associate Fellow at Verizon Business Global Solution, guiding sales and product for the deployment of Network as a Service (NaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions. He balances the needs of enterprise customers with the curation of an enriched roadmap of ‘as a service’ solutions with security, AI/ML automation, orchestration, portal and deep insights. These services are provided to Enterprises such as Walgreens, Cintas, JetBlue, Johnson Controls, Xerox, numerous Fed/Gov agencies with a managed end to end digital supply chain with proactive monitoring and digital experience management of users/devices. His expertise revolves around advanced network and security technologies such as NaaS, SASE/SSE, SDN, MPLS/Internet/5G, Private 5G, Multiaccess Edge Computing, PaaS and IaaS, with a focus on migrating global customers from legacy to an automated real time enterprise environment with a multitude of partner technologies.

Ray has served in the industry in various roles including system engineering, development, consulting, sales and sales leadership. His prior corporate experiences include roles at IBM and Cisco. In the startup world, he has been involved with Kubernetes from its early days with roles at Docker, Portworx (through its successful exit) and most recently at Avesha.

His industry expertise include global Financials and Telco sectors.

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