Atsign Proof of Concept: Networking 2.0

Fall 2023

For the past decade, businesses have been focused on digital transformation initiatives, such as moving to the cloud and adopting SaaS solutions. While these initiatives have been essential, they have also added complexity to the enterprise IT landscape.

The next wave of digital transformation will be focused on simplifying the connected world. This will involve addressing the underlying network and data components, and ensuring that data is completely controlled by its rightful owners.

Learn how Atsign’s Networking 2.0 approach delivers simplicity for businesses of all sizes. Our tech makes it easy and efficient to connect and collaborate without having to worry about security or complexity.


Colin co-founded Atsign in 2019. He co-invented a new protocol (the atProtocol) that allows people and things to be directly addressable online and to exchange data using end-to-end encryption, with keys cut and kept at the edge. He has also created groundbreaking utilities for network engineers (including SSH No Ports) and filed 40+ patent claims. Prior to Atsign, Colin co-founded Deutsche Bank Labs Silicon Valley, spent 6 years as the Chief Enterprise Architect at Juniper Networks, and helped build the electronic trading, networking, and information security infrastructure at Credit Suisse in NYC.

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