Multi-Cloud Cybersecurity Space Jam at ONUG Fall

Fall 2023

At ONUG Fall 2023, ONUG’s Automated Cloud Governance (ACG) Working Group is hosting the Multi-Cloud Cybersecurity Space Jam, a special evening event that will test the skills and knowledge of SOC practitioners while showcasing the benefits of adopting the working group’s open source Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF).

This informative, gamified, fun event will take place on-site at Chelsea Industrial in New York City at the conclusion of ONUG Fall Day 1. Participants will bring their laptops and connect to WWT’s Cyber Range lab environment, where they will be exposed to a series of challenging, real-world, cybersecurity threats that are typical in hybrid multi-cloud enterprise computing. The MC will break the ice with a fun round of “Infosec Jeopardy”, in which participants will have the chance to test their knowledge of cyberscecurity news, history and technology.

Friendly gameplay will be structured to accommodate varying levels of skills and knowledge, with SOC teams competing to solve cybersecurity problems in several scenarios of increasing complexity. Participants will work hands-on, utilizing security notifications generated using the CSNF, which has been integrated with Splunk in the WWT Cyber Range. Gameplay will require identifying security breaches in various attack methods. Hints and tips will be provided as needed to help participants proceed through scenarios of increasing technical complexity. Winners will be announced and rewarded at the conclusion of the evening.

If you would like to test your knowledge and skills and learn, hands-on, how CSNF simplifies detecting and mitigating against multi-cloud security threats, please join ONUG and the ACG Working Group at this unique event. Open to all ONUG Fall attendees More information here


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