Keynote: Dynamic Edge Segmentation: Insights into GSK’s Hyperconnected Smart Manufacturing

Fall 2023

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 drive radical change in OT (Operational Technology) environments, creating ‘hyperconnected’ process control systems fully embedded into a cloud-enabled, integrated supply chain.
Total connection of OT enables significant uplift in process efficiency, flexibility and optimization, and the market for OT and related IoT and Cyber-Physical devices is expected to be 5x the market for IT devices. Integrating these assets into the broader corporate infrastructure presents unique challenges for which GSK has developed a new technology termed Dynamic Edge Segmentation. Through this keynote, they will explain the approach and the hurdles they overcame as the technology was implemented.
-Welcome & Introduction: Setting the context: Dynamic Edge Segmentation in a hyperconnected OT landscape. The impetus behind GSK’s journey.
-Challenges in OT Integration: Dissecting the Challenges of integrating air-gapped OT devices, pin-pointing potential risks, and vulnerabilities
-GSK’s Strategy in Dynamic Edge Segmentation: low friction, quick adoption, high value
-Essential technology building blocks championed in their strategy. Adapting the operational model to the demands of integration
-The Imperative of Network Security: The rationale for prioritizing the network edge as a major defense in depth security control for OT/IT integration
-Looking Ahead: GSK’s Vision for the Future: GSK’s forecasts on the future trajectory of smart manufacturing and OT integration. The upcoming innovations and shifts on GSK’s radar
-Q&A Session: Engaging discussions and inquiries directed towards the GSK panel
-Closing Remarks & Networking: Distilling the session’s pivotal insights. A chance to network with industry luminaries and GSK’s team.

Who Should Attend?
-Industry Leaders: For a deep dive into how industry giants like GSK are navigating the changing technological waters
-Network Security Professionals: To grasp the intricacies of safeguarding a melded OT/IT ecosystem
-OT & IT Integration Specialists: Understand the complexities of “Dynamic Edge Segmentation.”
-Manufacturing Executives: The changing face of hyperconnected smart manufacturing and its ramifications
-Technology Enthusiasts & Students: For an updated pulse on industry movements and strategies
-Operational Leaders: Adapting operations to sync with dynamic edge segmentation
-Research and Development Professionals: Anticipating future tech innovations and advancements
-Risk Management Experts: Delving deep into potential vulnerabilities in an interconnected space


Michael Elmore holds the position of SVP, Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at GSK. Prior, he was CISO for Haleon, GSK’s Consumer Healthcare business, which demerged in mid 2022. In this role, Michael was responsible for successfully standing up the Cyber Security Office for the new company.

Before GSK, Michael was the Chief Experience Officer for Cisco’s Enterprise Networking & Security Business Unit, and before Cisco, he was the Global CISO at Cigna Healthcare (Fortune 50).

Michael is a forward leaning technologist and has spent his entire career building and leading technology teams across several functional areas, including cyber security, IT infrastructure, application development, contact center and collaboration technology. He has executive experience on both the customer and vendor sides of the table, leading large infrastructure and cybersecurity transformations at UnitedHealth Group, Cigna and GSK as well as driving the customer experience transformation at Cisco. He has a proven track record of improving security, compliance and driving cost optimization, while leading distributed teams in fast evolving global markets, including China and India.

Michael regularly advises venture capital firms and early to mid-stage startups that focus on IT infrastructure and cyber security advancements. He currently serves as an Independent Board Director at Graphiant (Sequoia backed) and a board observer for

Michael holds a B.S. and double major in Information Network Management and Marketing from the University of Minnesota. A former college hockey player, he is passionate about sports and continues to play and coach youth hockey. He is also an avid runner and an active board member with the Special Olympics. He and his wife Jennifer have two children, Ellie (15) and Landon (11).

Mark Finch is a seasoned cyber Security professional currently leading GSK’s global Operational Technology (OT) cyber security transformation program.

Mark began his technical career over 35 years ago and has at various times been a C programmer, telecoms engineer, ethical hacker and security architect.

He developed a deep interest in OT and process automation security during a 20 career designing and securing global production systems at General Motors.

After moving to GSK in 2018, he developed the corporate OT security standards and governance model that are now in use throughout all GSK manufacturing and laboratory facilities worldwide and now heads up the GSK OT cyber security function.

Mark is based just outside of London, UK.

Jeff Binkley is a Cyber Security consultant with GSK leading the development and adoption of advanced automated network and identity based security controls. These new controls deal with modern threats in real-time, focus on quick time to deploy with minimal disruption. Jeff has 40 years of security and IT experience, retiring from JPMorgan Chase after 29 years as the worldwide Managing Director of the Data Center & Network Security Services infrastructure.

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