Elisity Proof of Concept: Redefining Microsegmentation: Elisity’s Identity based Approach to Cybersecurity

Fall 2023

Traditional network centric methods of achieving microsegmentation have failed us. These methods, largely centered around IP-address-centric policies, are ill-equipped to handle the sophisticated cyber threats that today’s enterprises face, including insider threats and advanced persistent threats. The rapid increase in remote working scenarios and the proliferation of Internet of Things devices have expanded the attack surface dramatically, introducing a myriad of new entry points for potential attackers. Traditional network segmentation strategies, therefore, struggle to maintain a granular level of control, offering a security posture that is both rigid and porous, unable to swiftly adapt to emerging threats and operational demands.

Elisity’s microsegmentation approach stands as a robust solution to the inadequacies of traditional network segmentation strategies. This approach shifts the focus from IP addresses to the identity and context of users and devices, allowing for policies that are both dynamic and context-aware, thereby offering a more granular level of control over network resources. Elisity’s platform aligns with ONUG’s mission of Secure by offering a software defined cloud native approach to least privilege access in the enterprise, with multi-vendor support.


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