Grokstream Proof of Concept: Grok AIOps

Fall 2023

Grokstream’s mission is to help our customers detect service-impacting issues as early in their lifecycle as possible, and then help them prevent and/or resolve the underlying problems as quickly as possible.

Grok is a second-generation AIOps platform. There is a lot of skepticism in our space around the words artificial intelligence (AI). That’s because many of the first-generation platforms marketed heavily to the term “”artificial intelligence””, but after years of adoption, their customers realized that they still had teams of people writing and building rules to correlate the alarms. When we entered the market, we heard this feedback, and identified key areas that would help us eliminate this “Lack of AI” gap. In this session, we will explore how Grok leverages a true AI approach to reduce the alarm and incident noise, predict outages, determine root case, and automate the resolution.


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