Navigating the World of Defect Dojo: An Essential Tool for Enterprise Cybersecurity

Fall 2023

Join us as we delve into the inner workings of Defect Dojo, an industry-leading vulnerability management tool, elucidating why it’s indispensable for cybersecurity professionals in the enterprise realm. This informative session promises to provide a comprehensive understanding of Defect Dojo’s capabilities and its profound implications for strengthening cybersecurity frameworks in today’s complex digital environments.
-Introduction to Defect Dojo: A Primer
-Unpacking Defect Dojo: Key Features and Functionalities
-The Role of Defect Dojo in Vulnerability Management
-Real-World Application: Case Studies of Defect Dojo in Action
-Why Defect Dojo Matters: Significance for Enterprise Cybersecurity Professionals
-Q&A and Discussion: Addressing Your Defect Dojo Queries

Who Should Attend: This session is specifically designed for cybersecurity professionals, IT managers, risk and compliance officers, CIOs, CTOs, and anyone involved in vulnerability management and enterprise cybersecurity. It’s also recommended for individuals keen on exploring new tools and strategies to bolster their organization’s cybersecurity framework.



Chris has worked across multiple tier 1 global banks to establish maturity in Continuous Risk Assurance, DevSecOps capabilities, Risk Assessment Automation, and practical implementations of Zero Trust principles at scale. He joins us as a speaker for his 3rd ONUG event as a hands-on practitioner and evangelist in mature practices in the IT Risk Automation and Analytics space.

Mark has over 30 years of technical sales and account management experience in the software and semiconductor industries. For the past decade, his entire focus has been on bringing the benefits of cloud computing to the enterprise. Most recently his cloud vision has expanded to include microservices and DevOps. He passionately believes that the current wave of technology innovation can significantly improve the state of the art in enterprise software application delivery.

Prior to turning to the dark side Mark had 10 years of experience as an embedded software developer. He prides himself on having kept current on the technology front while still being able to find his way around a debugger.

Mark holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from George Washington University.

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