Ken Patel

Ken Patel
Associate Fellow for NaaS - Verizon Business Global Solutions

Ken Patel brings over twenty-five years of experience as an Associate Fellow at Verizon Business Global Solution, guiding sales and product for the deployment Network as a Service (NaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions.   He balances the needs of enterprise customers with the curation of an enriched roadmap of ‘as a service’ solutions with automation, orchestration, portal and deep insights, with a managed end to end digital supply chain with proactive monitoring of experience of users/devices.  His expertise  revolves around advanced network and security technologies such as NaaS, SASE/SSE, SDN, MPLS/Internet/4G/5G, Private 5G, Multiaccess Edge Computing, PaaS and Managed Services, with a focus on migrating global customers from legacy to an automated real time enterprise environment with Verizon and Partner solutions.



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