Infinidat Proof of Concept: AUTOMATION with SnapSync

Fall 2023

InfiniBox is a platform built from the ground up to enable AUTOMATION of all functions of the system. When dealing with petabytes of critical data, that is ever changing, it is imperative you have a framework that allows for automating all aspects of your data life cycle. Infinidat provides you that framework in the form of SnapSync.

SnapSync is an application instance management solution that take the time-consuming and complex process of duplicating your production environment and simplifies it into a simple set of commands. SnapSync orchestrates the powerful InfiniSnap technology so you can create hundreds of time-consistent snapshots of applications without impacting performance or your network. The uses cases are many;

– QA made simple – Generate Isolated environments for QA without any hassle, ensuring application performance and enhanced testing accuracy.

– Disaster Recovery – Safeguard your business from unforeseen events with readily available disaster recovery instances

– Cyber Detection and Recovery – investigate potential threats and anomalies with instantly available immutable instances, enhancing your security posture with minimal effort.

Embrace the future of application instance management with SnapSync.


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