Selector AI Proof of Concept: Enhanced Observability and Correlation for Next Generation Networks with Selector AI

Fall 2023

Selector AI is an operational intelligence platform that automates anomaly detection and helps diagnose outages for hybrid-cloud connectivity and applications. Selector AI collects data from heterogeneous data sources, applies an ML-based data analytics approach, and provides actionable multi-dimensional insights by correlating metrics and events. Our customers can collaborate and share insights on various messaging platforms (Slack, Microsoft Teams) using search-driven querying with a conversational chatbot experience.


Thomas is a highly experienced data professional with over 25 years of expertise in diverse roles, from individual contributor to management. He is passionate about simplifying complex challenges for others and leading with empathy, challenging assumptions, and embracing a systems-thinking approach. Thomas has strong analytical reasoning skills and expertise to identify trends and opportunities for significant impact, and is a builder of cohesive teams by breaking down silos resulting in increased efficiencies and collective success. He has a track record of driving revenue growth, spearheading industry-leading events, and fostering valuable relationships with major tech players like Microsoft and VMware.

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