Private 5G Deployment Scenarios

Fall 2023

This panel discussion features representatives from wireless service providers, equipment vendors, system integrators and large enterprises, and will describe a range of options for deploying private 5G networks. Enterprises can deploy a self-contained network with all of the 5G network infrastructure on-site, or enterprises can install only the 5G radios on-site and utilize 5G Core network functions operating in a service provider’s network or hosted in the cloud. For use cases requiring device mobility across a large geographic area, 5G network slicing will also enable service providers to deliver a private 5G network experience utilizing public network infrastructure.

-Exploring a range of options for deploying private 5G networks
-Self-contained network deployment with on-site 5G network infrastructure
-Deploying 5G radios on-site and utilizing 5G Core network functions in a service
provider’s network or the cloud
-Leveraging network slicing for device mobility across a large geographic area
-Utilizing public network infrastructure to deliver a private 5G network experience
-Discussing considerations and benefits of different deployment scenarios

Who Should Attend:
-IT and Technology Leaders
-CIOs, CTOs, and IT Directors
-Network and Telecom Managers
-IoT Solution Architects
-Wireless Service Providers
-Equipment Vendors
-System Integrators
-Large Enterprises
-Industry Analysts and Researchers
-Anyone interested in understanding the impact of private 5G networks on enterprise
digital transformation


Mike is a senior research analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence leading the Observability and networking research segments. He focuses on understanding the competitive landscape of the segments he covers by understanding the competitors strategies and putting them into context. He has extensive experience in enterprise security and network infrastructure products as well as consulting with enterprise IT, equipment and software vendors, and service providers.

Mikes’s current interests in observability include the ways that metrics, events, logs and trace (MELT) data is analyzed and presented to the user via contextual visualizations; how MELT data is used to create and maintain dynamic application and infrastructure topologies; the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to surface new insights; and observabilities role in optimizing manual and automated workflows and processes.

Mike’s current interests in networking focus on network automation in all its forms including software defined networking, scripting, and automation systems. Networking in support of cloud and microservices continues to be an important and vibrant competitive field.

Mike graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Technology.

Currently leading product marketing and go-to-market strategy efforts for Private Networks at Cradlepoint (part of Ericsson), Matt and his team are responsible for positioning and messaging, along with further developing and executing Ericsson’s Enterprise Wireless Solutions go-to-market strategy. Matt is focused on enabling partners and customers to capitalize on opportunities that private cellular brings to the enterprise such as automation, efficiency and increased safety. 

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