Mike Fratto

Mike Fratto
Senior Research Analyst, 451 Research - S&P Global Market Intelligence

Mike is a senior research analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence leading the Observability and networking research segments. He focuses on understanding the competitive landscape of the segments he covers by understanding the competitors strategies and putting them into context. He has extensive experience in enterprise security and network infrastructure products as well as consulting with enterprise IT, equipment and software vendors, and service providers.

Mikes’s current interests in observability include the ways that metrics, events, logs and trace (MELT) data is analyzed and presented to the user via contextual visualizations; how MELT data is used to create and maintain dynamic application and infrastructure topologies; the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to surface new insights; and observabilities role in optimizing manual and automated workflows and processes.

Mike’s current interests in networking focus on network automation in all its forms including software defined networking, scripting, and automation systems. Networking in support of cloud and microservices continues to be an important and vibrant competitive field.

Mike graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Technology.



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