Policy as Code Working Group Update: “ONUG’s Policy as Code Playbook”

Fall 2023

Join ONUG’s Policy as Code (PaC) Working Group as they unveil the newly published PaC playbook. The playbook addresses the existing gaps between PaC implementations and compliance and governance requirements, empowering organizations to enhance operational efficiency and regulatory adherence. Discover practical guidance and best practices for leveraging Policy as Code to seamlessly integrate compliance frameworks, automate policy enforcement, and streamline governance processes.
-Unveiling the newly published Policy as Code (PaC) playbook
-Addressing gaps between PaC implementations and compliance/governance requirements
-Empowering organizations to enhance operational efficiency and regulatory adherence
-Practical guidance and best practices for leveraging Policy as Code
-Seamless integration of compliance frameworks through PaC
-Automating policy enforcement using Policy as Code
-Streamlining governance processes with PaC implementation

Who Should Attend:
-IT Policy and Compliance Managers
-Network and Cybersecurity Engineers and Professionals
-DevOps Engineers and Architects
-IT Security Professionals
-Cloud Architects
-CIOs, CTOs, and IT Directors
-Business and Technology Leaders interested in policy automation
-Service Providers and Vendors in the policy and compliance space
-Anyone interested in understanding and implementing Policy as Code (PaC) solutions.


Don is an accomplished leader in successfully developing and executing business and technology strategy.

Don is CEO and Co-Founder of Concourse, an emerging leader in public cloud management and governance services, as well as a Senior Advisor at McKinsey Corporation.

Don spent 28 years at Goldman Sachs, during which time he held senior leadership roles in Technology in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Don led the global technology division for Goldman from 2012 to 2016 and was named a partner of the firm in 2006 and Managing Director in 2000. Don was the CIO for Asia Pacific from 2001 to 2006 and served on the Asia management committee. Since relocating to the US in 2006, Don co-chaired the IBD Technology Investment Committee and was a member of the firm’s Firmwide Risk, Market Risk and Business Standards committee.

Don played an integral role in creating Goldman’s business systems architecture, algorithmic trading and risk management platform as well as leading strategic firm wide investments in VDI, Data architecture, AI and Cloud / Software Defined Infrastructure. He also created and led the teams responsible for the development of Symphony and Orbit which were subsequently spun out of the firm as broader industry platforms.

Within the technology industry, Don has been an active and vocal proponent of Open Source and Open Standards communities including acting as a founding board member of the Open Compute Project.

Don and his family reside in New York City where he is actively engaged in education and arts, serving on the board of the New York Foundation for the Arts, Columbia University School of Professional Studies, Marist College board of trustees and Teaching Matters.

As EY Americas Cloud Cybersecurity Leader, Alex focuses on engineering; architectural controls and processes; and security solutions for public cloud, and container platforms.

She holds a PhD, MSc and BSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, has multiple patents and is cited in over 30 scientific publications.

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