Gluware Intelligent Network Automation Accelerates Compliance Initiatives at First Republic Bank – Keynote Presentation by Gluware

Spring 2022

The future of financial services involves staying ahead of risks and enabling new business opportunities. Get insights and best practices from Shane Jenkins, Senior Director, Data Center and Infrastructure Engineering, First Republic Bank, on how he and his teams are using Gluware intelligent network automation to address key priorities including configuration management, vulnerability management, lifecycle management, compliance, enhanced security, lowered operational costs, and more.


Jeff Gray is the CEO and co-founder of Gluware, the leading provider of Intelligent Network Automation for the Cloud Era. As CEO, he oversees business operations and strategy, as well as the development of enterprise-leading intent-based network automation technologies adopted by the largest and most complex Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises from Pharma to Finance. Gray is credited with bringing the industry’s first SDN orchestration platform to market and achieving significant blue-chip enterprise adoption. He has been a networking industry leader for two decades, starting with the commercial development of innovative high-bandwidth networking solutions as a student at California Polytechnic State University.

Shane is a recognized business transformation executive within the financial services, and cloud and network infrastructure industries. He utilizes technology and insights to improve processes and identify and create new business growth opportunities.

At First Republic Bank, Shane assisted in defining the cloud, cloud networking, and compute/virtualization standards, as well as modernizing voice and video collaboration services, evolving data center services, and driving multiple simultaneous large transformation projects to optimize the critical customer-facing banking services. Additionally, Shane established an infrastructure automation program to create the foundational framework for the automated ecosystem, as well as develop a software-defined network strategy, — paving the way for standardization, performance, resiliency, and improved operational efficiency and costs.

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