Cultures of Learning and Experimentation: Stories of DevOps Success & “Failure”

Spring 2022

With literally thousands of technology practitioners around the world now engaged in the practice of DevOps – and DevSecOps and DevNetOps – and with hundreds of industry conferences held since 2009 where DevOps practices have been discussed and debated (including in some very substantial publishing efforts), it is safe to say we now have a very rich body of experience from which to draw as we work to move our discipline forward. This session seeks to plumb the various cultural and learning differentiators in particular that contribute to helping all of us build successful DevOps practices


Matthew Titmus is an academic refugee and veteran of the software development industry who can currently be found serving as an engineering team lead at Yext. He’s an organizer for the DevOpsDays NYC Conference, is the founder of NYC CoffeeOps, and the author of Cloud Native Go (O’Reilly Media).

Dan Capetta is an engineering leader who has worked across higher education, health services and e-commerce.  Dan has spent the last decade working to improve the engineering experience and improving the flow of value to customer while maintaining quality and security.  He currently works at Grainger leading Enablement and Platform Engineering.

Don Luchini is a Boston-based DevOps engineer specializing in infrastructure management and deployment automation pipelines. Over the past ten years, he has acted in the corporate IT, quality assurance, software development, and release engineering spaces, encompassing a number of roles that now fall under the term DevOps. He currently works at SimpliSafe, a Boston-based manufacturer of connected home security systems. In his spare time, he is a martial artist, radio enthusiast, and hobby photographer.

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