A Case Study in Full Stack Transit that Simplifies Network Operations: How Enterprises Build a Multi-Cloud & Multi-Region Global Mesh to Interconnect Networks and Applications -Keynote Presentation by Prosimo

Spring 2022

IaaS, PaaS, and application endpoints connect using different networking technologies in today’s multi-cloud world. Legacy networking approaches can’t scale to address inter-cloud needs. Growing native cloud capabilities from CSPs make adopting cloud-native services challenging; thus, enterprises cannot create a ‘Cloud InterConnect’ that understands the service + connectivity mapping across clouds.

In this session, James Raulinaitis, Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Architect at Rakuten and Prosimo CEO Ramesh Prabagaran, dive into why consistent connectivity in the cloud is a growing concern and how to simplify multi-cloud deployments by using Full-stack transit that delivers beyond connectivity.

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