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Realizing the business value of public and private 5G networks for mobile connectivity to applications and services at the enterprise edge.

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Enterprise 5G

What We’re Working On

Enterprise 5G Project Lead

Enabling the widespread adoption of 5G networks for mainstream enterprise OT & IT applications and services.

Enterprises are deploying private 5G networks in select OT environments, including manufacturing, warehouses, logistics, transportation, shipping and agriculture. However, 5G connectivity can also be utilized to improve wireless coverage, capacity, reliability and security in mainstream enterprise IT environments, such as office buildings, large campuses, colleges, K-12 schools, hotels, retail outlets and healthcare facilities.

Emerging enterprise applications and a new generation of 5G-connected devices are driving the need for distributed cloud architectures and seamless wireless connectivity to computing resources, regardless of physical location. The Enterprise 5G Project is focused on helping enterprise OT & IT professionals capitalize on the opportunity of fully operationalizing public and private 5G networks to ensure positive business outcomes.

The project team is exploring promising enterprise 5G use cases and investigating the associated technology adoption challenges that OT and IT operations teams must overcome. This will lead to the evaluation of potential solutions and the documentation of design patterns, best practices and recommendations to ensure compliance with corporate governance policies.

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