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The Zero Trust Project is developing a practitioner’s guide for building a zero trust security practice.

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Zero Trust

What We’re Working On

Zero Trust has become the pivotal cybersecurity model in the Cloud Era.

The world has moved away from traditional perimeter-based defenses towards a strategy where no entity is trusted by default. This approach enforces “never trust, continually verify,” treating every user, application, and device as a potential threat. It mandates strict access controls and continuous monitoring to identify and respond to threats effectively.

Zero Trust entails adopting a different security mindset grounded in fundamental principles that govern the decision-making process for adopting Zero Trust security solutions. But where do you start your company’s Zero Trust journey? What are the key considerations at each step on the journey? Will you ever arrive at a final destination or does the road go on forever?

To help IT security professionals sort through the bewildering array of Zero Trust solutions available in the market, the Zero Trust Project is developing a practitioner’s guide for building a Zero Trust security practice that is based on real-world experience at a large global enterprise. The guide will be published as a series of blog posts which will then be combined into an eBook.

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Zero Trust Model

Regardless of your network location, a zero trust approach to cybersecurity will always respond with, “I have zero trust in you! I need to verify you first before I can trust you and grant access to the resource you want.”

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